LogicBlock Trigger

I am new to Apilio and just want to check that I understand this correctly. In the image I have four conditions. Does the thunderbolt imply if that condition is met for any one condition that it will run the action CC_AC_On? I want to run the action when only all 4 conditions are met. Therefore, would I need to uncheck trigger box when creating condition so the thunderbolt does not show?

Thank you.

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No, your understanding is not correct.

In your example, the action for positive result will only execute if ALL actions are TRUE because “Simple AND” is selected.

Thunderbolt icon in a condition means that, a change in that condition (FALSE > TRUE o TRUE > FALSE), triggers the evaluation of the logicblock.

In your case, you may want to have thunderbolt in condition 1, which is the indoor temperature, so as soon as it is greater than 70, logicblock is evaluated. However, it probably does not make much sense to have that thunderbolt in condition 2, as you don’t need the logicblock to be evaluated every time the day of the week changes.


Here’s an explanation about all ways to trigger a Logicblock run: Ways to trigger a Logicblock