Logicblock self-evaluation

Logicblock self-evaluation


From a user: “Any chance LogicBlocks will evaluate themselves in the future instead of having to use IFTTT to call the evaluation every hour?”


They do don’t they? I don’t call my logicblocks every hour and they work just fine?


Take a look to advanced options of logicblock…


I may be wrong but I think the user is asking for a logicblock routine to trigger a self-evaluation according to a schedule, say every 5 mins.


Hi @DanT,

I do not see any business case for a time-based evaluation if you can re-evaluate automatically at each variable value change…

The only thing that I see is if you have a condition based on a timing like “myvariable is true since 5 mins” ; in that case a self-evaluation of linked logicblocks at the end of the 5 min delay would be great (but I think it’s covered in another community topic)