Logicblock Limit?

Is there any way to increase the 75 logicblock limit for the pro subscriptions? I can easily see myself surpassing that…

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That’s impressive, I thought I had got most of lights sensors etc working round my home for different scenarios
and I sit at 18.

Interested to see what you have automated

I am not close to 75 logicblocks, but i do see myself going over that potentially. I do have similar logicblocks to fire given certain “Smart-Home” conditions. However, most of the logicblocks I plan to make would be to track certain conditions in my life and subsequently send notifications about those conditions (So I can more easily stay on top of things/keep track of things.)

An example would be my weekly meditation timer that alone consists of 6 logicblocks to check every day if I meditated yet, to known if im currently meditating, to update the numeric variable of current weekly time meditated, to remind me if I am not close to my goal, to routinely remind me to meditate, etc.

As you can see if I added a similar tracker for “Working out” or “reading” or something else, the logicblock number raises very quickly

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We are not aware of many people who are restricted with the current limit of 75 logicblocks, but we certainly can think of some solutions :relaxed:
Let us know again when you get close!