Logicblock does not trigger IFTTT action

Logicblock does not trigger IFTTT action



I have a simple logicblock (with two boolean conditions, ANDed) configured with automatic evaluation which is not triggering its IFTTT action.
I’ve tried both positive and negative result action chains with no luck.

I’ve tested the logickblock (Evaluation Trigger -> Test now) and my IFTTT Webhook Applet (using curl) in isolation and it looks like both are working. However, the most important step (logicblock triggering the action) is not performed.

The IFTTT Webhooks Service API key configured in the User Profile is the right one (I’ve double, triple checked :slight_smile: )

Is there something obvious that I’m missing ?

Many thanks,


I may have misunderstood but Apilio has its own applet in IFTTT now so no longer relies/uses’s webhooks

for example i have weather underground applet that update my nighttime variable to true in Apilio


Thanks for the reply.
Indeed , there are Apilio specific applets, but, AFAIU, those are used to update the state.
I am trying to figure out how the circled interaction between Apilio and IFTTT works.


Im not sure what you are getting at. If you want to activate something in the IFTT services use the name you have set in the logiblock ie light-on in the Apilion applet in IFTT and link it to your light in IFTTT


Thanks, that does it. I was now aware of IFTTT’s Apilio “this” services.
I was expecting for Webhooks to do the job.