LogicBlock Action Chains?

So far … so good! I understand Variables, Conditions & LogicBlocks; all except action chains. As far as I have discovered, I can find no examples that trigger multiple actions. It looks to me like the only action is to send an event to IFTTT. So, then I need to make multiple IFTTT applets to perform multiple actions???

What am I missing? How can I make multiple actions happen?

For example: I have a WEMO Switch and a WEMO Outlet. I want both to turn on as a result of the LogicBlock.

The only way I have found is to have 2 IFTTT applets that react to the single LogicBlock Event.

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Hey @clancyduncan,
that’s exactly how it is meant to be done!
Maybe this article can help? Evaluating logicblocks and triggering actions with IFTTT

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When one uses multiple actions from a single logicblock then we call it an action chain. So, frequently I use two actions; one to turn a light on and then another with a delay of say 2mins to turn the same light off in a fade. But I do still need an IFTTT applet for each action in the chain I want to run. Make sense? DanT