Logic Blocks, IFTTT and Conditions

Logic Blocks, IFTTT and Conditions


I need a logic block that will be triggered from IFTTT but that will only do something if an Apilio condition is TRUE.

If I include that condition, set Auto Evaluation FALSE and then set up the trigger from IFTTT, will it be true that the logic block will not be triggered by the Apilio condition becoming TRUE? I.e. I only want it to trigger from IFTTT but then to only do stuff if the Apilio condition is TRUE?

You might well ask “why not suck it and see”? The answer is because I have gone to great lengths to create a scenario using Apilio and it doesn’t work. I need to rip it apart and do it differently. Before I destroy and re-build I’d like to know whether the new strategy is sound, and that requires a logic block that only triggers from IFTTT but only does something if an Apilio condition is also TRUE.

Thanks for your help.


Yes, that makes sense, you set up IFTTT to trigger the Logicblock evaluation.

You can be updating your variable independently but only have the Logicblock take any action once evaluated by the IFTTT trigger if the condition you mention is true at the point the evaluation is triggered.

Please feel free to share your scenario if you need any further feedback.

Thanks for the great question! DanT