Link weather forecast to smartswitch

Hi, is is possible to call a smart device directly based upon a Boolean ‘positive’ result? I have a myriad of brands of switches that all can be engaged by either an Alexa voice or routine command, or via the device’s individual app. My situation is I am trying to test for time of day and weather forecast before I set off a wifi switch that opens a valve to top off my pool. If it’s going to rain, i just waste expense water. I then need to set a stop timer for that switch to disengage after about 15 minutes to ensure that if the pool’s depth sensor is faulty, the water just won’t keep running. I really don’t want to pay another fee to keep adding IFTTT routines when I already am a subscriber to your service.

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If any of your switches are Zigbee you may be able to buy a Tuya/Smartlife zigbee hub then you will be able to control direct from Apilio. Also check your switches there is a good chance the switched may work with Tuya as they could be rebranded/skinned Tuya APP and device
It all depends on your devices and manufacture as you maybe able to use Rest API or Webhooks

another way is request IFTTT link here then you don’t have to pay IFTTT subscription

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Thanks @Drivingforce !

Hi @alan.e.larson ,

have your questions been answered?
If I understand your setup correctly:

  • Check at a fixed time each day to top off the pool
  • Top top off the pool, the pump should run for 15 minutes
  • To save water, this should be skipped if there is a chance of rain for the day

Is that correct and did you succeed to implement it?

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