Life 360 integration

direct integration with life 360 or something equivalent so no need native location service. Also can be used so that certain automation’s operate when certain household members leave and arrive


Did IFTTTs location service not work reliably in your case?
I checked Life 360 - I couldn’t find any information about a public API online, but maybe they offer one for selected partners.

IFTTT location service fires up to 15 minutes after I arrive home which is not helpful if it’s after dark.
I use both life 360 and Smartthings via IFTTT to update my variables in Apilio as back up to each other incase IFTTT does not pass on the change of status to Apilio. Also they are installed on other home members phones so they can tell Apilio when they are home via IFTTT.

I am personally keen on Apilio having a direct interface with a location service that knows when other people are at home so that all the lights don’t go out when I leave.
IFTTT sometimes dies not pass this information on.