Integration with Vybit for custom notifications

Vybit is a free service that sends notifications to its app in iOS and Android with a custom sound, message, image and link. These notifications called Vybs can be private or be shared with others.

Vybit is already integrated with IFTTT but it would be good to be directly integrated in Apilio, as notifications are an important part of home automation.

IMHO, Vybit is a better solution than IFTTT notifications because:

  • You can choose a custom sound for each notification powered by, so you don’t need to look at the mobile
  • Multiple people can install the Vybit app with their own account and subscribe only to the notifications which are relevant for them
  • Notifications are shown immediately (without the unpredictable delay of IFTTT)

Vybit offers an API, so it should be quite easy to integrate. Additionally, it can be invoked by Webhooks but dynamic content (e.g. image URL) requires POST JSON.


Nice hint, thanks!
I see that it offers incoming webhooks:

Let’s see what we can do about that :blush: :shushing_face: