Initiate Logiblock

I know I can do this via IFTTT but I’m in the process of trying to reduce the Applets.

Can you use a condition to evaluate a logiblock.

I have 2 logibocks
One has a time condition eg 2200-0600. This switches lights on when motion is detected. lights stay on for 5 minutes. Then switches lights off.
Second has a time condition 0600-2200 This switches on lights depending on brightness levels or nighttime

There has been an overlap due to a countdown timer in one logiblock that started before 0600 but goes negative after 0600 so switches the lights off. But before then the 2nd logiblock has activated switches the lights on. But i have no way of rerunning the logiblock unless something else changes. I have added a motion sensor to the logiblock set for 10 seconds into the OR along with night time and brightness levels. That will switch on the lights on for 10 seconds as that will make the logic true even though the primary reason for the logiblock is to switch the lights on when it gets dark outside due to clouds or dusk. As people move around a lot in the day i suspect it will turn my front room into a disco when its bright outside

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Well didn’t think the logic through properly, when my night logiblock for during the night comes back with a negative result it still switches of my indoor lights. So instead ill have to do the tried and tested if negative result in night time logiblock then evaluation of my daytime logiblock via IFTTT

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I have difficulties coming up with a better idea right now. You could have a 5 minute gap between the time frames to make sure the logicblocks interfere, but then there would be a 5 minute hole in automation :scream:

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