In Logicblocks, allow override of whether a condition will trigger the action

Whether a condition, when selected, triggers a Logicblock is set when the condition is defined. However, I frequently find myself needing to test something (for example, a Boolian variable) where sometimes this needs to trigger an action, but sometimes it does not. I therefore have ended up with many cases where I define exactly the same condition, but with and without triggering selected.

For example, a Boolean “switch_status” with a condition “switch_status_true” I frequently need to define twice (“switch_status_true_TRIGGER” and “switch_status_true_NOTRIGGER”).

If the Logicblock editor allowed for triggering conditions to be overridden to be non-triggering (a further check-box to the right of each triggering one that said “No Trigger” perhaps?) then this would considerably reduce the need for what is unnecessary duplication.


Thanks for your suggestion @robin!
Two things come to my mind that could help you with testing:

  • You can test conditions (also non-triggering ones) with the “Test” feature of a Logicblock. Did you find that feature?
  • Would temporarily deactivating a Logicblock help?
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Activating / deactivating logicblocks would be complicated and hard to maintain. It is quite simple to create paired “Trigger” and “No trigger” conditions for the variables that require it, but it does seem rather clumsy. Especially when the number of some items counts towards pricing boundaries for your subscription!