IFTTT smartlife

Anyone know which smartlife bulbs work with IFTTT so that I can change light colours :thinking:
Or should I stay patient as the Apilio team working in a solution :wink:


That’s a great question. I have only found SL bulbs which are great with white shades but display colours with low luminosity. The nanoleaf bulbs are great though and work with Thread so I am trying to work out how that combination can work…

I have a bunch of these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B083NTZ8TC/
And I can successfully change the color of a single bulb on IFTTT. However, I can not change the colors of groups, which is a real problem for me. Addressing each bulb individually each time is a pain, but it does work. And, the “tap-to-run” automations within SmartLife don’t include colors for those bulbs (only shades of white.) @Anna mentioned to me in an email that she has 2 different Wifi bulbs, both made by Unotech and that the newer one DOES allow her to select colors within a “tap-to-run” (which would allow you to change colors of a group). That might be worth looking into. It’s so hard to find this level of product detail before purchasing!

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Thanks, think they will work for me as I’m after single light colour control.
@Anna if this company seems to have light control sorted through IFTTT would it mean it would be easier for Apilio to emulate :wink:

@Drivingforce we are not working on the Tuya integration right now, but I’m sure we are going to improve it sooner or later :slight_smile: