IFTTT problem: Trigger failed

Since around 6am this morning, all IFTTT applets that are initiated via Apilio are failing, with a “Trigger failed” error message. This is happening with various different IFTTT applets, interfaced with different Apilio Logicblocks.
It looks like something has happened at the Apilio end.
Is this something that is specific to my account(s) or a general issue?
@pebneter – any ideas?

Everything started working again at 9:56. So things were out of action for nearly 4 hours, but I’m relieved that are are back!

Sorry for the service interruption!

I see in the logs that the app was not responding for a while for some requests.

The reason is not clear yet. There was a database upgrade by the service provider yesterday and we made a small deployment, but both should not have such in impact.

Operation seems to be back to normal by now. We will continue to observe and try to find the root cause.

Hi @pebneter ,

Thanks for sorting this out so promptly.