IFTTT notify if the door remains open for more than 5 minutes

I have a sonoff door sensor (eWeLink) and would like it to notify me if I forget the door open for more than 5 minutes.

I’ve already created other routines with Adílio and IFTTT, for example, if I leave the house and forget the open door, it sends me a notification. but I’m not getting anything on this issue to let me know if the door remains open for a pre-determined time.

can someone help me with this?


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I am not familiar with eWeLink but I guess there is integration with IFTTT. If you get “open” and “closed” events from that sensor in IFTTT then it is super easy. You just need 3 elements in Apilio: a variable, a condition and a logicblock.

Create a boolean variable called door_is_open in Apilio, and update it from iFTTT through 2 applets when the event “Open” and “Closed” arrives to IFTTT.:

  • Applet 1: IF [Door sensor is Open] THEN [Update door_is_open to TRUE in Apilio]
  • Applet 2: IF [Door sensor is Closed] THEN [Update door_is_open to FALSE in Apilio]

Then create a condition in Apilio called door_open_for_5mins and link it to variable door_is_open. Mark the option “Use as trigger” so that the logicblock will launch upon changes and set 5 mins in the Delay section at the end.

Finally, create a logicblock called notify_if_door_left_open and add that condition. When it evaluates positive, add the actions you want. You can add an action to get a notification through the IFTTT app, an action to get a notification through Vybit app, an action to get a phone call, etc.



Thanks! That’s work perfectly!!!


Nice stuff, @teknofilo !!! :smiley:

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