IFTTT event from delayed action lost

I’m new to Apilio, and created my first logic block to turn on lights, triggered by ring motion, and conditioned on time of day, and then turn them off after a 10 minute delay. When I tested, the initial event fired and was handled correctly by IFTTT. The delayed event fired at the correct time, according to Apilio logging, but the IFTTT applet created to handle that event never executed according to its log. I have triple-checked the Apilio event name, it is correctly shown. Not sure where to look for errors now.

Is this a known issue that can happen intermittently between Apilio and IFTTT?

Hi @donlclare,
yes, what you describe can happen sometimes - we received similar issues from other users.
We have implemented the Realtime API with IFTTT, so when we notify the API of some event, IFTTT usually immediately reacts to it. I’m not sure if it is their internal queuing or if it is the receiving service of an event that is the cause for the delay.
If you check IFTTTs activity log, you should see the “created at” attribute, which is calculated when Apilio is sending the event. If you have a IFTTT Pro account, you could probably ask support why there are delays.

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Thanks, @pebneter! I just checked the IFTTT applet’s activity log, and it did finally run - about 5.5 hours late.

This is unacceptable for a service I’m paying for. I’ll have to see what response I can get from them.