IFTTT actions - showing nunber of times used in logicblocks

Hello! Can i check, in IFTTT actions, the section where is shows “Used in X logicblocks” - noticed it shows the link to that logic block only if times used is between 1 - 3? Would be nice if somehow able to show links to all logicblocks using this IFTTT action regardless of number of times used, maybe in the “Edit” page or with a “Show more…” list just under the line “Used in X logicblocks”.

Use case: troubleshooting by back tracking on the IFTTT action used to trace to the logic blocks using that action.

Am a heavy IFTTT user, hence sometimes troubleshooting can be a little challenging .:sweat_smile:

Thank you!

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Hi @wookiebao ,

got it - a very fair request and would be a reasonable extension.
I will add it to the “Edit” screen and let you know here when it’s live.

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IFTTT actions now have a “show” screen that lists all related logicblocks even if there are more than three.

oh wow!! that was super fast! Thanks so much! yes now its very much clearer and easier to find those ifttt actions! :partying_face: