If you home, TV is running and you get the call on your phone THEN pause the TV

Hi All,

Although I have done one automation, I am not fully satisfied; therefore, I am looking for recommendations from incredible folks out there!!

What I want -
If I am home, TV is on, and I receive a phone call, THEN pause the TV

What I have done so far:

  1. Created a Boolean variable ( Is_Saurabh_Home) that turns to True or False if I am connected to home WIFI. This I achieved through IFTTT.
  2. Condition created to check if TV is ON or NOT, condition must be true in this case. That is what I have achieved with the TUYA smart plug.
  3. Create another boolean variable (Saurabh_Incoming_Call) and set timeout to 2 mins as I want it to return false after 2 min since True.
  4. Major part - how would you detect incoming calls?
    4.1 There are applets available in IFTTT, but none are triggered when you receive a call.
    4.2 So I created a Bixby routine(available on Samsung phones), which says when I get any incoming calls, open the website(Here I have put the webhooks link to update the variable - Saurabh_Incoming_Call to TRUE )
  5. Last but not least, I created the logicblock that checks all the above conditions and through a webhook (I used Voice Monkey here), it calls the ALEXA routine that pauses my TV.

So by doing this, when I am home, TV is on and if I get a call, the TV gets paused. :slight_smile:

What is the problem:

  1. The problem is the Bixby Routine that I set up in point 4.2 above.
  2. Firstly, I have to keep disabling the phone lock to work the routine. This is not a big issue, but I still feel restricted. As an alternative, I created a routine that disables the phone lock when I am at home.
  3. The second problem is that every time I receive the call, Chrome opens and hits the Webhooks URL to update the variable.
    3.1 Because of this I dont see the incoming number straight away and have to scroll down and attend the call so it is bit annoying some time.
    4 . Thirst issue, so many open chromes due to incoming call. I have to close it manually.

Do you think there a better solution for this?

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Try Tasker app. I don’t use it to detect incoming calls but I think that’s an option.

I use it to detect a specific notification and launch a logic block through a web hook.


Tasker is paid platform and I am refraining myself to get one more…
Will keep exploring

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Price is 3,59€ (one time payment, no subscription)…