I want you to call me whenever someone has kept our door opened by mistake


I want you to call me whenever someone has kept our door opened by mistake. I am just getting a single notification of alarm in “Sonoff DW1 433Mhz door and windows alarm”

I also an IFTTT customer.

Shahzad Godil

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Thanks for posting Shahzad, are you an iphone, Android or ? phone user?

I am an Android user

Don’t know that sensor. How are you planning on getting the alarm notification into Apilio? Via Tuya/Smart Life (does that sensor work with the app) or via IFTTT or web hooks?

Once you’ve got it into a variable and condition in Apilio then you would have a logicblock trigger an IFTTT applet to call your phone (Android phone applet if you’re in the US, if not there’s a voip app you have call the IFTTT app on your phone)

I am using CallMeBot to make Apilio call me using Telegram messaging app when I need to be informed urgently about something.

You simply need to make a GET request from the logicblock to initiate a call, entering the message in the URL itself:


Before you use that, you need to give permission to CallMeBot to call you. More info here: https://www.callmebot.com/telegram-call-api/

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This is a Video of the product

It is just giving me the event of the door opened.

And not closed one

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How are you connecting the sensor to Apilio? IFTTT, Webhook, REST API or Tuya?

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This device doesn’t support door and closing support even in the app. Just a single event for firing when a gate is opened.

Going to replace it with other device

Thanks for great suport


Might be a good idea to try a Tuya one. There are some door sensors we know that work on this [list](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dO1-JSJ71MdBz6vsRexxUPmimapp664nOHgoieUMoRE/edit?usp=sharing

I already purchased

It has a big range

Just waiting for Zigbee hub

And I am complete all work in Apilio and IFTTT.

Here is the screenshot of the IFTTT

Screenshof of LogicBox

Screenshot of conditions.

IFTTT variable setting on door open and closed

The test is working fine
Will it work in the actual case?

Shahzad Godil

Fingers crossed, let’s see!

I think this should work, yes!
What Zigbee hub did you order? If you buy a Tula-based hub, you can use it directly with Apilio without (I have one at home and I’m also connecting Sonoff devices to it).

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I ordered Sonoff one because of one past personal issue with the Tuya device.

The actual issue was that the Water leak device was showing flooded in their app but even Apilo was showing the correct status

I chatted with them also, Still unresolved.

Shahzaad Godil

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mate, works this way? You ação send the Logicblocks (apilio) actions?