How to receive signal from security control

I have a security sensor receiver/control that will output 12vdc and/or activate a relay in either normally open or normally closed state. What zigbee device can be used to monitor this control?


That’s a use setup I haven’t come across.
Maybe google for “Zigbee Relay” or similar?

Maybe something like this?

That item might work, hard to tell. More of a “do something” device, rather than a “tell me something” device. My current plan is to purchase a Zigbee door sensor, cut out the reed switch and replace with leads to the dry contact relay on the security control. I should be able to use the door sensor as a trigger for Alexa routines, or setting a boolean variable in Apilio. At least, that is my hope. I will report back.

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Very crafty! Wish my electronic skills would allow me to do such stuff :nerd_face:

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Yeah I was thinking as you’d said your sensor could activate a relay you could activate the device and then use its status change as an Apilio condition. But looking at the device again you could well be right.


I now have a Zigbee/Tuya sensor that is triggered by my driveway alarm. I have an Apilio condition that changes True every time the sensor is triggered by the alarm. I have a logic block triggered by the condition that will “Post” to Voice Monkey, which is then used in Alexa as a trigger for routines; right now making a simple announcement.

I purchased an inexpensive Zigbee door sensor, modified it by removing the reed switch (normally activated by the magnetic module when door/window is closed), and replaced with 22ga leads that are connected to the alarm receiver dry contact relay. When the driveway alarm is tripped, the receiver opens the relay, perceived by the door sensor as the door opening.

Maybe this solution will help others wanting to do something similar.


Hey that’s great to hear you got it working satisfactorily and thank you so much for sharing with us all!