How to receive signal from security control

I have a security sensor receiver/control that will output 12vdc and/or activate a relay in either normally open or normally closed state. What zigbee device can be used to monitor this control?


That’s a use setup I haven’t come across.
Maybe google for “Zigbee Relay” or similar?

Maybe something like this?

That item might work, hard to tell. More of a “do something” device, rather than a “tell me something” device. My current plan is to purchase a Zigbee door sensor, cut out the reed switch and replace with leads to the dry contact relay on the security control. I should be able to use the door sensor as a trigger for Alexa routines, or setting a boolean variable in Apilio. At least, that is my hope. I will report back.

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Very crafty! Wish my electronic skills would allow me to do such stuff :nerd_face:

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Yeah I was thinking as you’d said your sensor could activate a relay you could activate the device and then use its status change as an Apilio condition. But looking at the device again you could well be right.