How many elements do you have?

I currently have 113 total elements and I wanted to see what others have.


36 IFTTT actions
18 logi blocks
44 conditions
98 in total


:star_struck: impressive! How many devices/services are you connecting? Do you have for instance lightbulbs, sensors, alarms, etc that are used several times across all your logic? Or the same service?

I have Netatmo - Mainly for outside temperature control next thermostat . also indoor module for measuring indoor temprature. SO logi block depending on time of day, if anyone is home, outside temperature, and room temperature.
12 smart lights,WiFi lifx Tuya lights 2 z wave 2 light sensors and motion sensors via smartthings, again if anyone is home, how bright it is. depending on the time of day certain lights will turn on read when activated by sensors. .
Outdoor lights turn on at sunset and turn of at a predefined time, but then turn on again at 5am if dark. But lights change colour to white if someone arrives home or open the back door.
1 logiblock that I use to define if someone is home using life360 and Smarthings. Have to use both as there are misfires via IFTTT. Sonos speakers and google assistant. I want to remove smartthings and replace with Tuya :wink:

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