How can I create a set of timers all at once?

How can I create a set of timers all at once?

I just downloaded IFTTT and signed up for Apilio with one goal only - I want to say something like “Hey Google, let’s begin” and for my Google Home Mini to set 3 timers at once - 10 mins, 15 mins, and 25 mins. My goal is to create a morning habit stack from meditation, yoga, etc.

Would anyone be able to guide me through this process?

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Welcome to Apilio

You are probably looking at this slightly the wrong way.
Go into google home app and then routines.
then create a routine called habit. Inside google home set up 3 timers for the times you said.

Full instructions are here


I read about Google Assistant routines, but have never tried it. And funnily enough, I cannot find the “Routines” menu in my Apps. I read in some threads that it might be related to country and/or language settings that make the menu disappear.

This is a really interesting use case though @pebneter and actually, as usual, GA routines doesn’t somehow let you what you want to do. I am going to spend some more time :thinking: about this…such a seemingly simple use case but somehow the available tech lets us down and that’s where Apilio should always help!

@grgptrv Were you able to find a solution?

Thank you for your reply! Sadly the option to set a timer in Routines does not exist. There may be a way to do this with the Clock App on Android but sadly I have an iPhone.

No unfortunately nothing so far but I’ll keep looking and post here if I do find something! If I find someone with an Android phone after the quarantine period, I’ll see if I could use that with the Google Clock App as a work-around, although I fear that might be a fixed set of timers and not related to a routine.

Sorry, I am being daft. Easy solution so long as i understand what you are trying to achieve

Create a new routine called “relax” So all you have to say is ok google relax
Within in the routine have 3 actions
you will have to type in the commands
Start countdown timer 10 minutes
Start countdown timer 15 minutes
Start countdown timer 25 minutes
Save it

when you say ok google start relax it will read out the 3 timers it is starting
you can check the how much time is left by saying. OK google check countdown
I’ve tested it and works on my google home. Note i set it up on android phone

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If you don’t succeed with Google Home, you can definitely do it with Apilio :relaxed:

Hey there - thank you so much for another response! I thought I was going crazy because I had already tried Routines on my own, then again after your first response, then again just now - the create custom routine and the add custom action buttons just weren’t there…

And, for whatever reason, I never looked up “can’t create custom routine on iPhone” until just now, and of course, this is the top result:

I also realize that I added a second Mini speaker after setting up my home system, so that may have thrown the whole app off kilter. I will unplug & uninstall everything again and see if that works!

Thanks for checking back in on me :slight_smile:

Great, let us know if it works either way

I’m so glad that even the masterminds at Google can’t make perfect software :relaxed:

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