Home Connectivity Alliance - Working towards a standard for home appliances

I heard about an interesting new standard effort in Stacey Higginbotham’s podcast to create new standard data models for home appliances. The group working on it is called the Home Connectivity Alliance.

The goal is to make enable appliances of different vendors to talk to each other. One mentioned use case was that the drier gets informed about the program of of the washing machine, so that it can suggest the best matching dryer program.

At first, it seems they do they same as Matter, but it has some notable differences. First, it’s focused on home appliances (HVAC, ovens, washing machines etc.). Second, the integration shall happen in the cloud (while Matter focuses on local connections for now).
As Apilio is also living in the cloud, this could become an interesting path for integration with home appliances!

I will be following the developments! They hope to be able to publish documentations in this year.