Help With Shift Based Alarm Clock


Does anyone have a way which perhaps Apilio could be used to have different alarms set for different days depending on my work shifts.

(I do currently have my shifts marked in my Google Calendar however it seems IFTTT can only run a trigger 4 hours before the start of the event which is too late.

I have SmartThings, Sonos, Alexa and LaMetric Time Clock.

I’m also not against buying anything that can help run this.

As I’m sick of having to turn the alarm on my iPhone on and off on days when I’m working and not working.


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Hi @simonhodgkiss,
I’m afraid I’m out of ideas for this one. Maybe you could do something like this with the IFTTT script language:

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You are right that events trigger a maximum of 4 hours in advance, but there is a way around this

Google calendar itself also has the option of sending an email in advance of the event. I use this in days advance of an event, then have an Outlook rule on receiving this to forward the email to
I do this using a server side rule (create from outlook web, not outlook on a PC/Mac) so that you don’t need Outlook running for the rule to be deployed.

You might be able to get this to work by having Google calendar email IFTTT direct, but the email to IFTTT needs to come from the address you registered for IFTTT, and so this doesn’t work for me.

You can then create an IFTTT applet using the Mail trigger, and do whatever you need. I get this to then get Apilio to process the next stages.

A bit long winded, but it works!


Great idea! Thanks for posting.

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