Help with relaying to Tasker


I’m trying to have a condition activate a task in Tasker but I cannot figure out how to use or send a webhook to do that.
I currently have it set to have Apilio send the signal to IFTTT and have that send a notification to Tasker to trigger it. Is it even possible to skip not using IFTTT as the middleman?

I’m quite new to automation still. So a simplified or step by step reply would be very helpful.


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Hello @Kuroshi ,

I don’t use Tasker, therefore I have no practical experience with it.
Apparently, there is a way to receive webhooks with some plug-ins:

The other option is to use the IFTTT app on the phone. I’m not sure what exactly it can do on a phone, but maybe it’s worth a look?

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The plug-in doesn’t seem have the function I am looking for. But the IFTTT way seems to be working so far, so I’ll probably stick with this method.

Thanks for the reply and trying to help despite the limited experience.