Help with Fire place Automation

Hi Everyone!

I’m trying to automate my basement fireplace, and I go one step forward and 2 steps back it seems haha Here is a break down of what I have and what I am having trouble with:

I bought a 2 channel wifi relay that works with eWeLink. Channel 1 of the relay is the fan, channel 2 is the flame. It works great! My problem is I want the fan (channel 1) to run 10-15 minutes longer then when the flame (channel 2) turns off.

Here is where the problems start, in eWeLink I was going to make a “scene” where is channel 2 turns off, channel 1 turns off with a 10 minute delay. But eWeLink doesn’t allow me to use the same device in a if/then scenario.

So then I turned to IFTTT and made an applet, “If channel 2 turns off, Channel 1 turns off” thinking I could add a delay… I guess thats not an option with IFTTT

So after hours of searching I found Apilio, and it seems like this will be the final puzzle piece, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to set it up in apilio. I feel like this would be a super easy problem for all you smart cats on this forum. Can anyone please help me out??



Hi @dangraves25,
the “all you smart cats on this forum” certainly triggered me :rofl:

The equivalent of a “scene” is more or less a Logicblock. On a Logicblock, you can add two actions in a given order and add a delay to the second one, so it will wait for 10 minutes. That’s the easy part.

So the next question is how you want to trigger the Logicblock. Do you want to use a button, voice assistant, a virtual button on the smartphone?
Are there any conditions you want to apply, or is it just “every time I push some button, the actions shall be triggered”?

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I would like to use Google home, either with a voice command or virtual button pushed.

And I think to start the only condition would be just whenever the “flame” turns off the “fan” runs longer and turns off 10 or so minutes later. In the future it would be cool to implement maybe a motion sensor, or some sort of being “at home” proximity sensor, so the fireplace would only turn on if I’m (or someone else) is at home

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And also in the future it would be cool to add a physical remote control button too, but for now I don’t have the hardware ordered

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Ok, so here’s how you can do this:

  • Create a new boolean variable and set it to TRUE
  • Create a new boolean condition that is referring to the variable and require it to be TRUE as well
  • Create a logicblock, select the condition you just created and add two actions to the „positive“ list (second one with a delay).

That’s all in Apilio, so now all that is missing are the IFTTT applets to connect everything.

We have a huge list of applet templates which are free to use: Pick one of those if possible or create custom applets if it’s not on the list: How to connect Apilio and IFTTT

You need these applets:

  • One to „run a logicblock evaluation“ in apilio. As trigger, you can use a Google Home voice command, a IFTTT virtual bottun or whatever you want
  • One to switch off socket 1 based on your Apilio Event
  • One to switch off socket 2 based on a Apilio Event
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I have the apilio stuff all set up but I can’t seem to grasp the IFTTT part. Here is what I’m doing but can’t seem to get it to work

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Maybe its a naming issue? I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m not grasping this

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I think you need to swap the trigger and action in your applet. You need one the controls the switch when an Apilio event happens (Apilio -> eWeLink)
Try this template:

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