Help with a muliple condition IFTTT for RainMachine

I tried this last year and gave up.
I want to set conditions as:
…Temperature over 91
…No rain in the forecast
…Not raining now
…Later than 3PM
Monday Wednesday Friday
Run IFTTT Rainmachine
Program 3

Can anyone get me started with an example?

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boolean values first
…Temperature over 91 - true
…No rain in the forecast - true
…Not raining now - true
…Later than 3PM - true for false you need to decide when before 3PM is
Monday Wednesday Friday True
All the above will need Ifftt applets to change the above to true or false
you wasn’t clear if you wanted them to be all true before it fires or just one.
If all have to be true then condition linking is simple and all ticked
If only one has to be true then if is required then all ticked and condition linking is complex "OR(Temperature over 91,No rain in the forecast,Not raining now,Later than 3PM,Monday Wednesday Friday) this is not 100% correct as it wont allow spaces.
then action chains

Hope this helps


DrivingForce you started me down this path, which is good. But I am unable to complete it. Maybe you can get me to the next step.

boolean values first - All have to be True
temp_high…Temperature over 91 - true
no_rain…No rain in the forecast - true
not_raining…Not raining now - true
late_day…Later than 3PM - true for false you need to decide when before 3PM is
mon_wed_fri…Monday Wednesday Friday True

I have created the boolean conditions
If all are true then I want to fire a rain machine program

What do I do next?

Thanks Dave

I assume you have created the logiblock and all the required applets from IFTTT to apilion.
you need to send a trigger back to IFTTT
At the bottom of the logicblock you will have this

In action chains positive result you need to put something like rainmachineon
in actions negative results rainmachineoff

go to IFTTT
Apilio applet select the only one there and you will get a drop down menu select rainmachine on. Then go to your rain machine applet and select on
Then repeat for off

Hope this helps
useful reading

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I am hopelessly lost. I know I have a lot of conditions and I am trying to dumb this down so I can get one easy thing to work, then 2 things etc.
So I want to begin by checking the day of the week. Do I create a Boolean v_day as false, create a condition c_day requiring true c_day then get an IFTTT to set v_day as true for the day? If so the only IFTTT is for Date and Time. How do I eliminate the time part?
I am trying one step at a time here.
Hopefully someone will rescue me.

Damn forgot about the time date applet :facepalm:. Suggest you set this

that can set a boolan to true call it MWF1500
this will only fire on monday wednesday friday at 1500 and set it to true
Then I personally would have another time applet set to Tuesday Thursday Saturday 0800 to set MWF1500 to false

Is there a way to only check the day of the week without a time?

What you are suggesting for Tue Thurs, I agree. I am just trying to test simple logistics without having to wait for each quarter hour to see if something happens

yes there is you can manually change the boolean value to true or false depending on what you want.

On the logiblock near the bottom is this.

This will run the logiblock when ever you want. I use it for testing

Not sure why you don’t need a time option. Once this applet fires it will make true two things you requested. After 1500 and the selected day.

I am trying to just test it and prove to myself that something I did works, then build off of it. Is there a way to test the Date Time option?

Change your date time boolean value to true and false as required. then press
If you mean coming form IFTTT you will have to wait for each date and time to happen.

Finally, step 1, I got the Date Time to work…thank you for staying with me
So the Rain Sensor has to be off, so that means I have to do a complex Logic block correct. Date Time True Rain Sensor False?

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Ok if you need the Rain machine to be off, I would have a Boolean value called rainsensoroff. So that would be true when not raining. this way you only need a simple condition linking so simple AND (Default - all conditions must be true) should do it

Good idea…will do, makes sense. Where do I find the key words for weather…like sun sunny clear any to be true…does this come weather underground?

I am doing ok for the moment

Yes weather undergroud

I am moving along thanks to you. If I am correct, I will need to create another series of logics with a timer to set the default values back to their original settings. This doers not happen after midnight on their own, correct?

Ok a new challenge: I have a Boolean set for TempTooHign set as false. The Condition must be true. I have a IFTTT checking wu temp If current temp rises above 70 degrees, it sets the boolean value to true. But it does not run. What am I missing?

What triggers the logicblock? I see this:

Evaluation trigger

To test the logicblock configuration, you can trigger an evaluation manually: Test now
Use the following action on the IFTTT Apilio Service to trigger the evaluation (and actions) of the logicblock:

  • Initiate a logicblock evaluation in Apilio
    But what makes the LB run routinely, my variable for day of the week and time?