Help with 2 conditions sunset and light switch off

Need a little help being new. This is what i’m trying to do. Is this possible using itfff and apilio?

If it’s after sunset
the kitchen light switch (zwave smartthings) is off
Turn on wiz light strip


@jimmyzshack Welcome

Clarification, do you want the light to come on at sunset regardless ?

If that is the case it pretty straight forward.

Using Apilio time condition

You can set up a sunset condition with and offset. IE 10 minutes before sunset.
Then using a logiblock you can send the on request to your bulb using IFTTT actions. These are automatically set up when you set the name in the logiblock
This will explain how to set the action chain up

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thanks still looking into this, If the switch is on i don’t want it to put that light in night light mode. as someone is in the kitchen at the normal light level.

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Hi @jimmyzshack! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, what you want to achieve is that when the kitchen light switch is turned off by someone after sunset (so, when it’s dark), then you want to turn on the light strip.

Did I get that right? It’s just to clarify what is the trigger in your logic, to get all the steps right.


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yes that is correct, If it’s not possible i can add a motion sensor instead.

So here’s what I suggest:

  1. Create a time condition for the timeframe you want the light to be on. i.e. "from sunset to 11pm).
  2. Create a boolean variable to hold the state of the switch
  3. Create a condition based on the boolean variable and require the variable to be false
  4. Create a Logicblock that is connected to both conditions and switches the light strip on or off via an IFTTT action
  5. Use these two applet templates to fill your Boolean variable with data (Switch on or off):
  6. Create two IFTTT applet to respond to the Logicblock actions to forward the commands to the Lightstrip. You can create your own from scratch or check if you can find matching templates in our list: IFTTT + Apilio applets: expanding list with links

Hope this works for you!