Help - Vacum when we're not home

Help - Vacum when we're not home



I’m trying to make a automation that start my robo-vac when nobody is home. I think I know how to do it, but i’m not sure if it is the smartest way to do it - so I would really like to hear how you guys would do it. :slight_smile:

I have a Neato robo vac that I want to start monday, wednesday and friday when nobody is home. But it should only start at a specific time (to stop it from starting every time we leave the house at these days).
I use Tado smart valves to control the heating in our apartment, and I was planning to use these a the trigger (the system turns down the heating when we leave the house and I can trigger IFTTT with it).

I was planning to do it like this:

  • IFTTT applets changes a boolean variable to true at monday, wednesday and friday at 9 AM using the Day & Time trigger
  • IFTTT applets changes another boolean variable to true if our Tado system switches to away mode
  • Make a Condition that must be true - coupled to the time variable
  • Make a Condition that must be true - coupled to the Tado variable
  • Make a Logicblock that becomes true if the above Conditions is true
  • IFTTT applet start my Neato robo vac if the Logicblock give the action

What do you guys think? Right now my problem is (beside not knowing if this is the smartest way of setting this up) how to set the Time & Date variable back to false. I know I can make a new IFTTT applet that at e.g. 10 AM resets til Variable to false, but is that the smartest way? :slight_smile:


Hi @eCygnus,
looks perfect to me!
To the question at the end of your post: You can either set your time variable to false with another IFTTT applet or leave it always on “true” and apply a timing restriction to your condition, saying that it must have been updated within the last 3600 seconds.


HI @pebneter

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
The part about the timing restriction - is that the “modified within” part?


yes, that’s the field I was referring to.


Perfect! Thank you. :slight_smile: