Help to evaluate logicblock and trigger IFTTT 3rd party applet

Hello, I’m evaluating Apilio currently, and trying to do the simplest thing, but I’m not seeing how. Looking for advice…

I think the problem may be due to limited functionality allowed in IFTTT by many 3rd party vendors. I already have IFTTT routines that receive a trigger from a security system and turn on a light via a smart switch (Manufacturer: Meross, works with SmartThings too). The Applets offered by Meross are simple “on” or “off” operations. What I would like to do is evaluate a logic block (or even a boolean) that indicates daytime or nighttime, so that the light is only turned on during the night.

I do not see how I can trigger the IFTTT applet from Meross from an Aplio logic block.
Any help appreciated.


Welcome Salsaby Jake

If I have understood you correctly you would like a light to turn on if only at night time with the alarm system as a trigger

To achieve this you need a Boolean Variable called night time.
this will be changed via 2 applets from IFTTT. One to set the Boolean Value to true if after sunset and one to set it so false after sunrise. I use the Weather Underground Service.
Create a condition called nighttime based on the boolean variable.
then create a logiblock “insertname”
Select nightime
Condition linking should have simple AND selected.
In the action chains under positive name turnon light.
In IFTTT create an apilio applet and link it to your light applet so it switched on.
In IFTTT use your security applet to link to Apillio and initiate apilio logicblock

If you want the light to turn off automatically after a certain time, have the following in actions for negative result
turnlightoff click show advanced option and put 300
This will turn the light of after 5 minutes…

Now you have the logiblock set up you and add different variable. IE only turn lights on if dark and between these times.

I hope this helps
I good guide here How to choose your variable, trigger and actions


THANK YOU much for all the help. The information you provided was enough to get me “over the hump” and I now have a running logic block that checks for nighttime, and I can chain applets on IFTTT so that the lights only get activated at night. Much appreciated!

It would be nice if IFTTT adopted a list approach to THIS and THAT conditions! That would allow for both logical combinations of IFs and groups of THATs (e.g. turn on 3 light switches from one trigger)

Best Regards,


Using Apilio and IFTTT you can.
example the trigger from apilio “lights on” can be used to trigger every thing that has the applet lights on.
i have “downon” action from Apilio. I have 3 applets that switch on 3 different type of lights (LIFX SmartHome and magic life) all turn on when the “downon” action is fired


Hello DrivingForce,
I believe I’m doing what you suggest, in that, I am using a single Apilio logicblock result to trigger three different light switches. But each of those switches has it’s own IFTTT applet. It would be cool if IFTTT allowed for a “+” THAT action (similar to syntax in Apilio logicblock) so that one single applet could trigger multiple actions that employ the same manufacturer service. So, a positive result from my “turn_lights_on” logicblock could be used in the applet to turn on 3 different Meross switches simultaneously (or thereabouts)…

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