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If I have read this properly, I will be able to control my Nest products again so long as they are Gen 2
Quite fortunate as my Nest smoke and co2 alarms are 7 years old this year and need to be changed. The question is do I also upgrade my thermostat, especially as I plan to move away from the central heating model :thinking:

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Plus, we’ll update the newest Nest Thermostat to support Matter - meaning for the first time it can be controlled on other platforms that have certified with Matter.

I think this sentence does not leave open a lot of room for them to back out. What I’m not sure about though: Which functionalities will be accessible via Matter? Because some devices have unique capabilities and I don’t know if those can be implemented in Matter.

That’s a hard one @Drivingforce! Perhaps if Google is doing a decent deal on the hardware it’s worth doing but my instinct says wait until matter products really start shipping as you’re probably already saving as much energy as possible with your existing setup??? This market is moving so fast!

Oh, and maybe you’ll be interested in this although I don’t think you’re close enough to Maidenhead to take them up on the offer : (

Dear Dan

Thank you for your continued interest in tepeo and our ZEB. We are still on track to launch the first model later this year.

ZEB home trials continue to deliver…

We have now delivered well over 1000 days of heating across our 11 trial homes. These performance-focused trials have demonstrated that we can consistently deliver heating to even quite large homes through the depths of winter.

Critically we’ve demonstrated how the ZEB’s 40kWh of thermal storage helps us to create separation between when we take electricity from the grid and when the thermostat asks us to heat the home. In doing so we have been able to use a variety of tariffs to buy the cheapest and greenest electricity for our customers.

The graph above shows over a 5 month period how one particular ZEB was charging per half hour in response to the Octopus Agile price; i.e. tending towards more when it was cheaper and less when it was more expensive.


Certification update…

We currently have ZEBs in independent test houses going through safety and other compliance testing. We aim to have the product UKCA certified in the next couple of months.

What next:

Would you like to be among our first customers? If you:

  • would like to replace your boiler within the next 12 months
  • live within 1 hour or so of Maidenhead
  • have a central heating system that includes a water tank
  • have space for a ZEB, either on the ground floor or up uncarpeted stairs/via a lift
  • ideally consume no more than 12,000kWh of gas per year (find this on your gas bill) or equivalent - a ZEB will deliver heat for larger homes but at greater running cost

we definitely want to hear from you! Please make yourself known to us if you haven’t already…

Twitter\ autox25 LinkedIn\ autox25 Facebook\ autox25 Email\ autox25 Website\ autox25

tepeo, Unit 1, Waldeck House, Waldeck Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 8BR

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That looks like a great idea, but as I live in Norfolk and do not have a water tank for the central heating. Love this idea for hot water, but central heating not such a fan as you still warming air which I have read is less efficient than heat sources in each room. Unless i miss understood the concept. I do have to be careful I am not fixating on IR for heating, so I’m trying to keep an open mind to any solutions. What I need to do first is get some Solar panels :slight_smile:

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Just strap one of these to everyones arm :sweat_smile: