Get started easier with Apilio Smart Home automation

Get started easier with Apilio Smart Home automation

Hey there!

While working on some of the bigger improvements, we are also taking time to implement some smaller bits to improve your experience with Apilio. Today we released an change that should help especially new users to setup their first running automation :adult::mortar_board:. To all the Apilio pro’s out there: this might not be soooo exciting to you, but rest assured that we have something nice coming that we think will delight you! :star_struck:

The change we released today embeds a quick helper text into each of the overview pages of Apilio elements:

In case you haven’t created any element of each kind, you will find a short introduction text plus some links to our documentation page and IFTTT. Here’s an example for the logicblock root page:

We hope that this change will help all newbies to understand Apilio faster and get to the feeling of success easier!

Let us know what you think and keep sending us feedback on Apilio - your input is heard and much appreciated!

The A(pilio)-Team

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