Fix bug with complex conditions when condition name changes

Apilio is very good at updating things when the name of a condition (or anything else) changes… with one exception. If you change the name of a condition that is used in a complex condition definition, that definition is not currently updated to use the new name. What this means is that any complex condition definitions become broken if you ever edit the name of a condition that is used within them.

It would be good to fix this… :smiley:

Hi Robin,
thanks for your vote!
This is a known issue, but @DanT could never convince us devs to prioritise it high enough :grimacing:

@DanT how about trying again :smiley:

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Yeah I agree with you @robin this is super-annoying and has cost me quite some troubleshooting time in the past. Let’s see if we can get it up queued!

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It would be very good to do this. Remembering which conditions had complex condition testing, then editing them manually, is not the best way of doing things :smiley:

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Oh yes! That would be great!

+1 :smiley: