FIFO string queue in the cloud

FIFO string queue in the cloud


I need a service to create FIFO string queue in the cloud.

Any IFTTT applet could add via webhook a new message (e.g. command) to this queue.

Reading from a queue should be possible by another webhook - e.g. from another IFTTT applet or by your local consumer.

Basic idea is to build any automation from outside of the word (e.g. Google Mini, Alexa) to my home automation system but without opening inboud traffic on my secure edge router.

So to place a command I would use IFTTT applet e.g: Google Assistant > FIFO queue (with command)

And internally at home I would build the consumer witch periodically check in the FIFO queue if there is a new command to execute.

Do you know such service ?

Could Apilio deliver it ?!topic/apilio/uKTqxDUXQG0