Dual user geofence

Hi! Using a Nuki and wondering if Apilio is able to solve my Nuki smart lock need. I have an ifttt account and basic knowledge of applets and stuff.

I need an AND/OR function working with geofencing and 2 users.
If user 1 is in geofence and user 2 is not → door open
If user 2 is in geofence and user 1 is not → door open
If user 1 and 2 in geofence → door open
If user 1 and 2 outside geofence → lock door.

Seems difficult because 2 accounts / 2 live locations must be combined. Might work but both users need seperate ifttt account as wel I presume?

Any hints advice or tips would be wel welcomed.

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Are both iPhone users? If so, you can easily use iOS automations in the Home app to update a boolean variable in Apilio every time a user enters o exits home via a shortcut that calls an Apilio webhook.

If those are not using iOS, you can achieve the same result with an Android app that lets you trigger an Apilio webhook when the user enters/exits a place (Geofency, Locative).

With those 2 variables (User1LeftHome, User2LeftHome), you can create a condition NobodyHome = AND(User1LeftHome, User2LeftHome). That condition can be used to trigger a logicblock that does whatever you need (e.g. execute an IFTTT applet) when both users leave home.


@teknofilo has said it very well. It’s quite easy and you just need to select a good tool to determine presence.
In Apilio, you would have two boolean variables for each person and then the conditions & logicblock as @teknofilo described.

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