Does IFTTT or Apilio "queue" requests

Does IFTTT or Apilio "queue" requests


This morning my IFTTT notifications went mad telling me that Apilio was sending “uzero” requests.
I checked everything. Apilio was saying a negative result when i tested the relevant logiblock so shouldn’t be sending requests. (Note earlier in the day this was positive and ran correctly).
What could have caused this Started at 1219 and finished at 1426

as you can see the the temp request only fired once


Yes, there is a queue on both sides.
In the case where Apilio notifies IFTTT, we are required to always present a history of events to IFTTT so that they can catch up if something went wrong.
I’m not 100% sure how IFTTT handles it if they have catch up a long delay, but I guess they will run every action missed.