Device status of new device not initially set

When a new Tuya device is added, it seems to be the case that the device status values stored in Apilio are only updated if and when they change. As some status values do not change very frequently, this can be an issue.

For example, “battery status” is something that changes rarely, so for a new device it is possible for this to be “0” in Apilio for several days. I have seen it update eventually for various devices, but this can take a considerable time. Within Smart Life you can see the correct value, but it seems that Apilio needs this to change before recording it.

See the images below that show the battery percentage for a TRV:

Would it be possible to update the stored device values, perhaps when the device is edited, so that they become current?


Hi @robin ,

I have to look into it. It is probably possible with an extra request to Tuya on device sync or so.
Currently, the values are received only by push from Tuya. So as long as there is no change, the value is usually empty.

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