Device Dashboard Corrupted after Tuya Network Outage Yesterday

There was a network outage on Tuya/Smart Life last night.

At the time of the outage my Device Dashboard would not display at all.

When I log in this morning my dashboard has reverted to its default display ignoring the selections I had made in the Status Edit to select which values were chosen for display and which were monitored in Apilio.

Is there any way of getting these settings back or do I have to go through the whole process again

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Hi @doncevans,
that is an unfortunate side effect. We will analyse how that happened.
I checked with my account and in my case the configurations were not affected. Do you remember if you did sync the devices during the outage or if you made a disconnect?

Morning @pebneter

I certainly tried to Sync during the outage, I also logged out of the Web App also.

I can’t remember the order of events except that I received notifications on my phone that various Thermostats were not connected to the network. As this was the first time I had suffered such an issue I was diving around in the dark a little.

I can’t remember whether when it first occurred that my Web App page was showing all my devices but it very quickly went to the initial state with the text on Guidance about the Devices page . I also know that I could get to both the Conditions and Logicblock pages and my definitions were intact.

Both the Tuya and SmartLife status pages said they had no issues though there was a note of a number of faults reported in the last 24hours.

Also I run the SmartLife App on my phone and in BlueStacks on my PC. The PC instance was dead as was any information about by devices in Alexa but on my phone the SmartLife app was able to control the Thermostats still.

It was when I synced this morning that the Devices Dashboard repopulated but that the display settings had been lost

Hope this helps you to debug the issue


Unfortunately, you will have to do this again. We have database backups, but no code ready to apply a configuration backup to a user.

How can that be avoided in future @pebneter ? Is it best to avoid the resynch if there’s a service issue?

IFTTT had Smart Life marked as ‘paused’ for a while. I actually took that opportunity to move some of my IFTTT → Smart Life applets to IFTTT → Apilio Tuya Logicblock applets (where they worked fine).

I did have one instance over the weekend where one of my Tuya temp and humidity sensors went bananas and was sending updates to Apilio (without any useful data) at least once every second. I deleted and reconfigured everything connected to it, and then it was fine (although there was a worrying few minutes where I appeared to have broken Apilio completely). I wonder if that was connected to the outage.

Perhaps Apilio should/could have some kind of error threshold (presumably how IFTTT does it) where it maybe freezes device configs for the affected service, or something like that.


That’s a super-good idea, thanks!