Delay receiving apilio event


Really like apilio: its adding just what I need to ifttt, but I have an intermittent issue that’s a bit annoying.

I have a logic block to control an electric blanket. Ifttt sends triggers if the weather goes over or under certain temperatures each day, updating a variable in apilio. At 9.30pm each night, ifttt send another trigger to evaluation of the logic block. If it was a cold day, an event is sent back to ifttt that switches on my wemo plug for the blanket. For debugging it also sends another event that just emails me an alert to say the blanket is on.

Most days this works really well, bang on 9.30 both blanket and email events fire. However, once every 2 to 3 weeks, Ilthe blanket wasn’t coming on despite it being cold. The email event fired fine but not the one for the wemo. Then i woke up hot in the night : turned out the missing event came through at about 1.30am. I’ve since noticed that occasionally the wemo event fires on time but the email comes through several hours later.

Is this likely just a natural delay that sometimes happens? Or a consequence of firing two events at the same time? Or something else? It’s just unreliable enough that I might need to lost the automation again if I can’t fix it. My wife doesn’t like a cold bed!


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I find the same issue, and I believe its IFTTT and how they respond to request and how they queue.
If you are looking to purchasing a new plug socket I would suggest getting a Tuya compatible Wi-Fi plug.
Apilio can control these with out the out bound IFTTT hop so reducing the chances of mis-fire on turning the socket on and off.

Hmm, will consider that. The wemo app is almost cause enough to switch over.

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I fore got to mention I use to have Wemo stuff, but moved from it due to app and IFTTT integration sucks

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To better understand whether it was Apilio or IFTTT that is causing the delay you can check the logs on the Apilio Dashboard ( and in IFTTT (
For Apilio, it is not normal that such a delay happens and it is also not an issue to have multiple events. My current guess is that it is IFTTT or Wemo who is responsible for the undesired delay - but you can prove me wrong by checking the log :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Alas, by the time I looked it wasn’t in the Apilio log any more, but I did see this in my IFTTT log:

Receive an event from Apilio
Trigger ran, 1:38 AM


December 5, 2020 at 09:30PM



I guess the “created at” value was added by Apilio, in which case it’s pretty clear the delay as at the IFTTT end :frowning:

Yes, the “CreatedAt” is the time Apilio sent the command.