Custom message for actionable notifications

Hi all,

I’ve been playing around with the actionable notifications and thought I’d share the following post.
So, basically I had been using IFTTT to deliver the notification message to my phone which I can then take action on (either a warn or suggest action for logic blocks that have this type of action chain execution mode set).

As I already am using Pushover for messages I thought it would be useful to try to hook up this app to deliver the message instead of IFTTT when an actionable notification is received from Apilio.

This is easily done in IFTTT, however I also wanted to customise the default message from Apilio.
So I tried the Filter option in IFTTT (I’d never used it before).
Turns out to be really powerful as you can write Javascript code to intercept the trigger data and make changes which can then be passed onto the Pushover action.

For anyone who wants to use it here’s my JS code in the IFTTT filter which determines whether the notification from Apilio is a Warning or Suggestion type message and then builds a custom message based on that which is sent via Pushover. :grinning:


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Cool - Thanks for sharing!

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