Conditions - comparison with fixed values or variables for all types

There is currently an inconsistency in the way that Conditions are currently implemented. For Tuya, Boolean and String Condition types, comparisons are always made to a fixed value that is entered into the Condition definition. However, for the Numeric Condition type, comparisons are always made to the value of another variable.

There are pros and cons of each of these ways of specifying the comparison:

Having a fixed value to compare things to is limited as it isn’t possible to (for instance) trigger a logicblock when a variable value matches that of the second one. It would therefore be hugely advantageous if Tuya/Boolean/String types could optionally make their comparison with another variable.

Having only a variable value to compare things to is less restrictive, but means that you end up using up a lot of variables just to set them up with a fixed value for the comparison. For example, if you always want a Condition to test if a value is equal to 7, then you have to define a dummy variable that is set to 7, and use that in the comparison. This isn’t the end of the world, but it would be good if it could be avoided.

So the suggestion is that for ALL Tuya/Boolean/String and Numeric conditions, please would it be possible to allow EITHER a fixed comparison value OR comparison with a variable value?

Hi @robin ,
we are also not happy with the inconsistency and we plan to streamline those two to be able to compare to:

  • A static value
  • Another variable
  • A device attribute

Thanks for giving your vote on this!


Hi @pebneter ,
That will be fantastic and I look forward to the implementation.
Many thanks,

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