Condition details view now shows current status

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little new Apilio feature from Santa :santa: and the helpers :fairy: !
This years Christmas wish cam from @teknofilo: He wished that the conditions screen would show the current evaluation result to help him debug his automations. So here it is:

Thanks @teknofilo for the great idea!

Best wished from the Apilio Team and happy holidays to everyone! :christmas_tree:


Great job! Santa made my wish come true! :heart_eyes::santa:

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That’s nice!

Got a suggestion too! In Logicblock, where the “Linked to conditions” that shows all the conditions used in a logic - would be nice if on mouseover it can show the True/False state instead of having to click on the condition name to see the state in another page. Might help with debuggin~

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Would also be possible, yet require a bit of extra compute power when rendering the page.
The “Test” button does more or less the same - is that not a viable solution?

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ahh ok! my bad, i have misread the earlier posts. Yes this does the job too.