Compare string variable to another variable

Compare string variable to another variable


I used a lot the numeric comparision, because I like the ability of compare two different variables. In some cases I like to do the same with string conditions


Hi @tavo682!

Thanks for this, can you give us some examples where you have used numeric and strings comparisons in your automations? This will help us get a good picture of how you are using it and might help other members of the community as well.



Hi @Anna, thanks for the reply. Is a work in progress. One example is a Security module, I define 4 ‘constants’ based in numéric variables:
offSecurityConstant: 1.0
lowSecurityConstant: 1.1
midSecurityConstant: 1.2
highSecurityConstant: 1.3

And I have another one numeric variable for the currentSecurityLevel. So I have 4 conditions to check if the currentSecurityLevel is = to one of the constants security levels.

I like the possibility of compare strings because I currently receive an IFTTT ‘command’. This is a string variable in apilio, in this variable I store some value like Security_Low_Voice or Security_Mid_App, currently I detect that is a Security Module request comparing the command variable with ‘Security’, but I want to store the module names in anothers ‘constants’