Cheat sheet: how Apilio and IFTTT exchange information

Hi all,

I’m working with Philipp@Apilio on some ideas to improve the platform.

To provide some help and get people started, we were thinking of adding a cheat sheet on the current dashboard showing how Apilio and IFTTT exchange information via webhooks.

What do you think of this flow? Would you add/remove anything?

Thanks so much for your feedback!



Sep 4 (20 hours ago)

Hi Anna,

This is a good start. Basic and to the point.


Sep 4 (20 hours ago)

I think that looks great, only thing I can think of to add is for a visual representation, having a different icon for each configurable section: variables, conditions, actions, etc would be good, something that could be used in a flow diagram that would help show new users the execution path. Add those same symbols to the site.


Sep 4 (20 hours ago)

Thanks both!

David, I was thinking about having pieces of the diagram on the variable or conditions sections in Apilio, so as to “zoom in” and highlight the part of the flow that relates to that section in the platform.

So you first see the whole flow when you enter the platform, and then highlighted sections depending on where you are.

But I like your idea of relating it somehow, so I’ll think about that further.



Hey Anna,

I really like this idea of documenting how to use this. Just your simple picture here helped me wrap my brain around a much more complex setup I was working on.

Would be nice to have some assets for people to use to explain things in similar graphical terms!



Thanks a lot @xnappo ! I think similar assets for variables and conditions could come in handy as well? :slight_smile: I think it needs a bit more work, I’ll update here with any new ideas.

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