Changing device in Tuya conditions

From time to time, I need to replace a sensor due to hardware failure or just because I am upgrading to a new model.

Unfortunately, when trying to update a Tuya condition, both Tuya device and status are greyed out. This forces me to create a new condition, update all logicblocks where that condition was used and even update the code I use with Apilio APIs to use the new condition.

Would it be possible to allow fully edition of a Tuya condition?

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I hear you!
There is a lot of complicated stuff going on behind the curtains to get the Tuya conditions working. And because we had to make our lives a bit easier, we defined that exchanging the device and Status type is not allowed.
Unfortunately I don’t know of a clever trick to work around your issue :frowning_face:


OK no problem, I’ll try not to replace so many sensors :smiley: