Can I sense check this approach - a repeating switch action

Can I sense check this approach - a repeating switch action

Hi Apilio Community!

I found this integration earlier in the day after frantically trying to make IFTTT and my smart switch do something I seemingly can’t natively.

I’m not sure I’ve quite got this down though, so could I sense check my approach and see if there are any flaws?

Outcome I want to achieve: Press a ‘Button’ widget in IFTTT, and have my Smart Switch cycle on/off for a certain number of cycles. (Smart switch is connected to a heater - I want to turn this on for 5, off for 10, and repeat until a certain time has passed)

Way I am trying to achieve it:

Variables-> “TimerOn” - Boolean, “TriggerCount” - Numeric

Variable Update -> Button Press widget in IFTTT, set a boolean variable of “TimerOn” to True

IFTTT Trigger -> IF I turn my Smart Switch on THEN Trigger Logic Block

Logic Block ->
If TimerOn = True and TriggerCount < 20

Positive Action:
Wait for 5 minutes, Trigger IFTTT Action to switch off
Wait for 10 minutes, Trigger IFTTT Action to switch on.
Trigger IFTTT to increase “TriggerCount” variable by 1

With Auto Evalution on (so following the increase in trigger count this would be reevaluated?)

This would then cycle until TriggerCount = 20, at which point this logic block fails, and the negative action…

Negative Action:
Trigger IFTTT to change “TimerOn” = False
Trigger IFTTT to reset “TriggerCount” to 0

And then ends until I press the IFTTT button again.

Does that sound about right, or have I missed something obvious in my approach!

Have read through a few threads but getting a little lost, so I thought I’d ask before I end up knee deep before realising I am stuck!


This reads super nice :smiley: I think this should work perfectly.
Thanks for sharing!