“Auto-evaluate logicblocks on variable update” has been moved from logicblock settings to condition settings

What changes

If you are a long-term Apilio user or have read earlier articles about Apilio, you might have learnt there is a Auto evaluation setting on the logicblock which enables Apilio to “Evaluate this logicblock when any connected variable changes.”

To prepare for new features which will be rolled out soon, we have moved the setting to the condition settings (don’t worry, it will all make sense!). It is available for all variable based conditions and is now called “Trigger logicblocks using this condition whenever the condition changes.”

For now, the effect of the setting is basically the same: Whenever the connected variable is updated, all logicblocks using this condition will be evaluated and actions will be triggered depending on the outcome. Note that it is not quite actively observing the timing restrictions, that you will be soon able to setup, just yet - that new feature will come a bit later :star_struck: .

Migrating existing configurations

Existing configurations will continue to work as before, but we aim to remove the old configuration option as soon as possible. Therefore, starting today, we are automatically migrating the configurations for all setups where it is possible to do so without changing the behaviour of the app.

We will get in touch directly with owners of setups that cannot be automatically migrated in the very near future - nice job expert users!

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to comment here in the Community and, as usual, we will try our very best to help out!