Anyone noticed lag from IFTTT

Has anyone noticed the reaction speed between Tuya lights switching on and other lights being turned on via IFTTT.

I have a motion sensor on Smartthings which via IFTTT runs a logiblock on Apilio.
If positive Apilio will send a request to Lifx via IFTTT to turn on and a request to Tuya light connected direct to Apilio to turn on. Sometimes the lag is up 2 seconds between the Tuya light coming on and the Lifx light coming on. This makes me wonder how long before Apilio actually get the request from the smartthings sensor and explain why there is a lag between the sensor flashing to indicate its seen movement and the lights coming on.

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That the direct trigger of the Tuya light is faster than Lifx via IFTTT is probably no surprise because of the extra systems involved.
The time it takes from the sensor activation to actual Apilio actions depends a lot of the sensor (battery powered WiFi sensors typically need 2-3 seconds to establish the connection first).
The best way to find out the total lag is to note down the second you trigger the sensor and then check the Apilio log to compare the noted time with the timestamp of the log entry.