Anybody know of a reliable Zigbee 3 light level sensor with a relative numeric output?

I’d like to use it to decide whether to turn on a light or not following a proximity sensor trigger.

A combined PIR/light level sensor would be even better but I can’t seem to find any zigbee 3 products.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I tried this one, but couldn’t not pair it with Tuya Zigbee hub :weary:ützung/dp/B082YZQ2SW

Thanks :mage: but needs to connect to a ZB3 hub : (

No, I use WifFi light sensor, but the version I have needs a constant power supply.
The last one I had was a Z wave light sensor.
I have found this on ebay, but looks very similar to @pebneter suggestion

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I have ordered a couple so let’s see what happens. Fingers crossed they work with the Tuya Zigbee 3.0 hub!

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Let me know, i would prefer Zigbee light sensors instead of WiFi

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Unfortunately that’s totally pants and doesn’t work with the Tuya Zibbee 3.0 hub (as we all thought but hey-ho). Have ordered some in from a Tuya-recommended supplier today so fingers crossed! Happy to let you try one if you’d like @Drivingforce…when they eventually arrive.

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I would appreciate that @DanT
Maybe side line for Apilio, own branded Tuya products :wink:

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Hmmn…interesting thought!

Here’s one that works - enjoy!

Thanks, won be buying anytime soon, shipping costs double the price :no_mouth:

Got some more coming in soon, much lower delivery cost.

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