Any wireless push button compatible with Apilio?

Are you aware of any wireless push button that is compatible with Apilio? Both Zigbee and WiFi would be fine.

I bought this button and, while it is compatible with Smart Life / Tuya and can trigger actions in Smart Life, it is not compatible with Apilio. That means I cannot trigger logicblocks based on single, double or long press.

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:disappointed: That’s a pity! The problem is in these case, that the device was not properly configured by the company selling it. So when Apilio asks Tuya API what the device will send, we don’t get a proper answer and hence you can not configure it.

I was considering to try out this one an pair it with the Tuya hub:

I bought that Sonoff button but it is not compatible with Tuya / Smart Life.

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Good to know. Thanks! :cry:

Hey @teknofilo I have a spare Knocki device I’m not using if you want to give that a try (DM me here or via dantmobi Twitter if you want me to send it on). @pebneter swears it plays nicely with our web services but only via their Beta software, which I’m not on yet. Do you have the email address to ask for the Beta link please @pebneter?

Yes, just write an email to support at

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I received the Knocki device… thanks a lot!

So how do I get that beta firmware? Just an email to support asking for a beta firmware with webhook capabilities?

Yeah, that’s what I did but still not heard back yet. @pebneter did you say anything special to Knocki to get on the beta???

It took them about 6 days to respond, so a bit patience is needed


Finally, I am on the Knocki Beta with web hooks into Apilio - living the IoT dream!

And it even works!

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Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door :joy:

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Knocki Knocki, who’s there?