Any smart keypad with IFTTT?

I am looking for a battery powered keypad that can trigger an IFTTT action via WiFi (or Zigbee) when the user enters the right code.

I’d like to put it next to my smart garage door, so I can easily open / close it without using my smartphone or the remote control.

It might be something like the Yale keypad, but this device can only be used to open the Yale Linus Smart Lock. What I need is something that can be used to trigger an IFTTT action when the user enters the right code.


Is a fingerprint reader good enough (if used on conjunction with SL app)?

Yes, that can be perfect too

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OK cool. Let me ask around.

As a workaround, maybe you can find a lock with a keypad and Webhooks or IFTTT integration. Then simply just use the keypad and let the lock do nothing.

I have not found any keypad which is not attached to the lock, except for Yale Linus and Nuki, but both are quite expensive and need to be “installed” in order to work.

OK so I have found one and am waiting on leadtimes and pricing for a few samples.

Great! Any info you can share?

Hey Luis, turns out the keypad won’t actually do as requested BUT I have been assured there are some available that will do so. So waiting on China still I’m afraid :man_shrugging: although they do seem to be taking your request very seriously!

OK, thanks for the update!